Terms and Conditions

Hello and welcome to the Hotel Plus platform (hereinafter: the "System") by Studio Spiro Creative (hereinafter: the "Operator").

2. The system allows customers to purchase tickets and vouchers for activities from suppliers (hereinafter: "the businesses") on the terms, prices and validity listed on the website.

3. The system allows customers to purchase discounts for activities on the terms, prices and validity listed on the website.

4. It is recommended that you review these Terms and Conditions from time to time in order to be updated on the changes that have taken place in it. The system reserves the right to change and / or update the provisions of these Terms and Conditions. Of course, if you do not agree with one of the terms of the regulations, you may not make any use of the site and / or the services and products offered on it.

6. You are asked to read the terms of this policy carefully and to act in accordance with it. What is stated in these regulations applies to any use made of the site, all its pages and options and it obliges anyone who chooses to make any use of the site.


Terms of use and participation in the site

7. By actually browsing the site and using its services, you agree and accept all the conditions and instructions stated below.

8. No commercial or other use may be made of the site, only personal use. If you wish to make commercial use of the website, please contact the operator using the contact information that appears later in this policy or on the system under the "Contact Us" page.

9. It is hereby expressly prohibited to use the system and / or its contents and / or information about other surfers and / or advertisers for the purpose of sending messages or advertising and / or commercial mail. No action should be taken to promote content by surfers or third parties or to gain a commercial advantage.

10. The operator may refuse to sell or complete a sale transaction at any time and without the need for prior reasoning and / or prior notice. The system may remove any information and / or content and / or refrain from publishing it in whole or in part, at any time, at its discretion and without giving notice and / or justification.


Lack of responsibility

11. The browsing and use of website content and all its components, is the sole responsibility of the user. Users should use the site only reasonably and carefully. Any publication and / or information and / or review and / or tip and / or link and / or recommendation should not be considered as a substitute for independent testing and / or their suitability for the user.

12. The operator will not be liable for any damage or loss for adapting services offered by the system to surfers and / or for adapting the system to their personal computer and / or for damages, malfunctions, or failures in the software, server or any service provided by third parties on which the system depends. Or its operation. The surfer is asked to take this into account when relying on the contents of the system or the services he provides.

13. The system makes the website available to businesses as a platform for presenting activities and / or services and serves only as a conduit for the transmission of information. The system should not be construed as selling and / or providing the activities and services or as having any liability for them. The sole responsibility of the operator is to act for the removal of professionals who will be found not to have agreed to engage in the State of Israel legally and / or to the extent that negative reviews are discovered about them.

14. The Operator shall not be liable for any damage and / or loss, including but not limited to bodily injury, property damage, loss, theft, injury, mental distress, etc., whether direct or indirect, caused to the user and / or any third party in connection With products and / or services that have been purchased through the system. The sole and exclusive responsibility for any such damage and / or loss applies to the businesses that provide the products and / or services to users.

The purchase process

15. The operator takes all measures available to it in order to protect the privacy of the surfers on the site and the confidentiality of the information entered into it.

16. Execution of transactions on the site will be possible through a clearing system that will be operated on the site by a third-party clearing company (hereinafter "the clearing company"). All transactions, personal details and credit card details are secured and encrypted by the clearing company in a secure credit clearing and in a separate panel from the system (IFRAME).
Any fault or claim regarding information security and credit cards is the sole responsibility of the clearing company.

17. For the purpose of making the purchase, you will be required to fill out an order form and provide the following details: full name, email, mobile phone ID number and credit card details.

18. If the customer requests to purchase a discount voucher, he will do so only after receiving confirmation by phone or in writing from the business. Failure to obtain this approval will preclude any right to a refund if the activity has not been carried out for any reason.

19. Without derogating from the above, in the event of such incorrect or false details being provided, the system will be entitled to cancel your order.

20. The order confirmation and the benefit voucher will be sent to the email address you entered only after receiving confirmation from the credit card company about the payment. The mere filling in and sending of the order form does not constitute confirmation that the purchase has been made. If you do not receive confirmation by email that the order has been placed, please contact customer service in accordance with the contact details.


Cancellation policy

21. The system respects and acts in accordance with all consumer laws. The following does not derogate from any right existing to the consumer by virtue of the Consumer Protection Law (hereinafter: "the Law"), the Consumer Protection (Cancellation of a Transaction) Regulations (hereinafter: "Regulations") and / or any other provision.

22. If after the transaction you wish to cancel, you can cancel it in accordance with the cancellation conditions that appear on the activity page. Please email the activity provider and notify them of a request to cancel the transaction. The date of receipt of the email by the provider will be considered the date of the cancellation request.

23. In any case of giving notice of cancellation, the credit card will be credited with a cancellation fee of NIS 20 handling fee provided that the customer's cancellation is not due to a defect or non-compliance with the service within the meaning of section 14E (a) of the law In good faith, no cancellation fee will be charged at all.

24. The aforesaid with regard to the right of cancellation, as stated above, according to the provisions of the law shall not apply to the goods and services provided in section 14C (d) (2) of the Law, ie, when the date set for the service (tours, spa, activity or recreation) applies within seven Days, from the date of the request for cancellation and / or goods that by law may not be returned.

Details of the businesses

25. Content and materials received from business owners are uploaded to the site in accordance with the business owners' statement that the information is correct and the content and materials do not infringe any right of a third party and in particular that the content and materials do not infringe the copyrights and privacy of photographers.

26. It is clarified that as a platform for advertising business owners, the system will not bear any responsibility for any damage or loss caused to any third party as a result of any infringement of any rights.

27. If you believe that content published on the site violates or violates your right, you can contact the system via the "Contact Us" page, and specify the nature of the violation. In your application, please attach a link to the relevant page, as well as an e-mail address and additional details of the applicant for contact if necessary. Without the said details, we will not be able to review your application. The operator will act to the best of its ability to check the application as soon as possible and will act at its discretion and / or in accordance with any law.

28. It is clarified that all details and information regarding the businesses, including the accuracy of their details, training and activities, as well as other advertising materials published on the website, are published on behalf of the businesses only and at their own risk. The system can not guarantee their content, and it will not bear any responsibility for violating any presentation and / or commitment and / or statement of any of the businesses and will not be a party to any contract between the surfers and any advertiser.

29. Therefore, it is recommended that surfers of the site conduct an independent inspection before contacting the businesses or relying on information published elsewhere on the site. As stated, the system can not and does not claim to give any responsibility with regard to any information and / or business and / or service and / or goods published on the site, both regarding their quality and regarding their content.

30. It is clarified that the publication of advertising material on the website does not mean that the system or anyone on its behalf encourages or recommends the advertiser or the service provided through it. Surfers should do an independent check, as reasonable consumers, before contacting any of the professionals. This recommendation is further validated with respect to any professional information.


Privacy protection and use of information

31. The operator respects the privacy of the surfers on his site and considers maintaining this privacy of great value. Below, you will find the privacy policy of our site, detailing the information we collect about the surfers and how we use and maintain it and what options surfers have to protect their privacy in this regard.

32. When registering on the site and when making transactions on the site, you are required to provide personal information. This information, as well as other non-personal information that will accumulate about the surfers, will be stored in the system's database. If you do not want certain information to be kept about you, you are asked not to provide personal information and / or not to use the system services.

33. You are also entitled to contact the site at any time and request that your details be deleted from the database. The system will not transfer this information to third parties, without the consent of the submitter, but in accordance with the provisions of the law and / or in response to any court order.

34. If you have confirmed this, the system will be entitled to contact you, either by email or by other means, and offer you advertising material about products and / or services and / or promotions and / or activities of the system or its business partners and any other information in which the system believes that The user will find interest in it by virtue of using the website.The user has the choice, at any time, to be deducted from the mailing list to which these messages are sent by following the instructions that accompany all the messages that will be sent.

35. In addition, the system reserves the right to use the information collected for the purpose of monitoring, control, updating, improving, drawing conclusions and for statistical purposes. Under certain circumstances, the system may use "cookies", which are small files sent to your computer. These measures are required for its day-to-day and proper operation, including to collect statistics about the use of the site, to verify details, to adapt the system to your personal preferences and for information security purposes. Please note that if you are not interested in receiving "cookies" or if you do not want the system to collect information about you, you can change the setting of the web browser you use or alternatively stop using the site.

36. The system takes various measures to maintain the confidentiality of the information stored on it and the privacy of the users. However, the system can not guarantee hermetic and complete protection and that the information will not be disclosed by malicious or intentional action against the system. If you do not want information about you and / or your use of the site to be stored, you are asked not to use the site.


Intellectual Property

37. Copyright and other intellectual property rights in this site and the contents contained therein, including texts, system design, layout, graphics, photographs, illustrations, system logo, system name, its domain, the technological information required to operate it, applications, computer codes and / or all Other material contained therein belongs to the site only.

38. No use may be made of this content, including in the name of the system, without obtaining an express written license from the system. No part of this site may be copied, retransmitted, reposted, duplicated, publicly displayed, transmitted, sold, made available to the public or displayed on any part of this site, including in a framed, visible or implied manner without the prior written consent of the system.



39. Should any question arise regarding these Terms or any other issue, the system staff will be happy to assist you.

40. You can contact us both by contacting us by email:


41. The Operator shall be entitled to change the Terms of Use at any time without prior notice.

42. The system shall be entitled to transfer the system to any other address, change its name or cease its activities at any time.

43. Without derogating from the terms of use, the user hereby agrees that the limitation period for any claim and / or claim against the system and / or its owner will be limited to a period of 36 months and the parties regard this as an agreement for the limitation period within the meaning of the statute of limitations, 1958 .

44. The competent courts in the Sharon District have unique authority to hear any dispute between the parties in connection with this agreement and / or arising therefrom.